Which Van Is Right For You

There are two general styles of handicap van rentals that we offer our clients.

  • Side-Entry Lowered Floor Minivan
  • Rear-Entry Lowered Floor Minivan
  • Full-Size Handicap Transport Van


Our Rear-Entry lowered floor minivan is very popular among our customers, the rear wheelchair ramp is quite convenient for tight spaces and for times when someone parks too close to easily load a wheelchair from the side. Our Full size transport vans can accommodate up to 7 passengers and one wheelchair or 6 passengers and 2 wheelchairs, this is our largest van and will accommodate most of your

Points to consider for determining the best fit for your needs:

What are the Physical Measurements of the Wheelchair or Scooter User?

If in doubt it is best to measure the dimensions of your wheelchair or scooter is critical to the selection process. Before you call us, please take a moment to measure:

HEIGHT: Measure from the floor to the top of the wheelchair user’s head while sitting in their chair or scooter.

LENGTH: Measure the wheelchair or scooter from front to back, taking into account the user’s feet and footrests, baskets, medical equipment, and any other protrusions.

WIDTH: Measure the wheelchair from side to side at the widest point, paying attention to arm rests or other protrusions above floor level.

WEIGHT: What is the combined weight of the wheelchair or scooter and the user?

Other things to consider:

  • How many passengers will you have?
  • Will you need luggage storage?
  • Is there any additional medical equipment?

A Rear-Entry Wheelchair minivan will work in most cases.One of our rental specialists will be happy to consult with you and to suggest a wheelchair van rental to best suit your needs.


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